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Dear Sir,

Wow! Yesterday was one of the most intense experiences I have ever had. I almost put sexual experience, but it was more than sexual. I knew you were going to tell me to write about it, and most of it I can’t even remember details of. You told me that this is not the first time you have heard that. I am not surprised. You are definitely good at what you love to do. I guess I will start with what I do remember. I was not afraid coming to see you this time. Nervous, yes, because I did not know what your plans were, but I trust you.

When you pulled the van over in a McDonald’s parking lot saying you had to pee I didn’t think anything of it. When you told me to go in back, get undressed and kneel, I asked if I could close the shades. When you said no and just walked away, I didn’t know what to do at first. I looked around. We were close to the drive thru and there was a van next to us with someone in it. The windows are tinted, but I do not know how effective it is. I did it anyway but left my jacket on, but open, because it was freezing in there. I know you weren’t gone very long, but it seemed like forever. You didn’t seem upset about the jacket and I was relieved. I loved it when you slipped a vibrator in my ass and your cock in my mouth, and when you started to fuck me I completely forgot about open shades or the guy next to us. I am amazed at how quickly you can turn me into a wanton slut. Even driving back with you controlling the remote for the vibrator it did not bother me when you pulled out my breast and started pinching my nipple in plain view.

At your house I was naked, collared, and cuffed and had a mouth full of cock. I was totally content. Even your crop on my nipple and pussy just made me that much hotter. Blindfolded and thrown on your bed and fucked again with the vibrator still going was nice.

You told me to cum, and I was happy to obey… After this I have almost completely lost everything once you had me move up and chained me to the bed. I know you strapped the hitachi on my thigh and told me not to cum. Right after I had just cum. I was just focusing on that and it was torture. I remember hearing your chuckle. Come to think of it, I heard that chuckle a lot yesterday. 

Having you fuck my ass, pulling my hair, talking to me right in my ear, hitting me with the crop, the hitachi going, and me not being able to cum… until you said I could. That’s all it took. I totally let go and my brain left and went somewhere else. I know I enjoyed that bench you had set up. I don’t know what else to call it, and I don’t remember much, but I know I liked it.

I was really enjoying myself on the cross. I said no when you were doing little bites on my arm, not because I did not like it (I love it!), but because I was afraid of marks that would show later in regular clothes. I could not explain at the time. I was down to single syllables by then if even that. Fingernails and fingers running all over my body, your chuckles and whispers (which weren’t making any sense, but I didn’t care), that hitachi on my clit again, and a big plug in my ass all while being flogged… I was way out there somewhere… all of a sudden I got scared. I do not remember why. I know I could not say yellow when I tried. And all the while your wonderful torture went on. I had to say that word for some reason, and once I finally could I know I could not stop myself from saying it. I was not even sure I was actually saying it out loud until you unhooked my arms. One thing I do remember crystal clear is that chuckle in my ear and you saying “I know where you are” as you helped me down to the floor. You did not give me long to recover before you had me soaring again. I was definitely somewhere else and felt like I was really close to figuring out or reaching something- I have no idea now what it was, but it was all I wanted. I could hear you talking to me. I could not understand you. I was not ready to let go of what I was reaching for! You stopped all stimulation and kept talking. 

Arrrrgh! NO!!!! I know you knew I was pissed. It finally sunk in that you were telling me to do something, and how to do it. I did not want to hear it. I did not want to come back! I wanted to fuck anything and anyone, but I did not want to listen! Eventually the words started to make sense. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed my frustration. As you said, it was your show. I was only the ride.

It still took a few minutes and more repetitions of your instructions to understand I was supposed to make lunch. And then all the details disappeared and I had to ask again. You knew it was too much for my mind at that time. I hope I amused you. After eating a little, I thought it was pretty funny, too.

After lunch, more of the same, and any brains I had recovered left again. You said you were surprised at how much my brain shut off. I wasn’t me. I wasn’t even human. I was just feeling and thoroughly enjoying it. I asked to cum a couple of times, but then I couldn’t talk again and just started to cum anyway over and over. I didn’t care if I got punished for not asking. And I couldn’t have stopped cuming if I tried. You stopped again suddenly and started talking again. Dammit! I bet it was even more entertaining to watch my frustration the second time. I think I screamed in rage that time! More than once.

I hated you both of those times. I am sorry now, since I would not have been able to get to that very, very nice place without your skills. I was being selfish. Hell, yes I was! But I had stopped thinking about you. Your show. I know that, and that is what I have asked you for. And you have given me everything I wanted and more. After I had cum about 50,000 times, you wanted me to draw a bath and I said no. I am surprised and grateful I was not punished on the spot. I was not thinking clearly at all, and that effect lingered for hours.  

I was still very floaty for the rest of the night. It was very nice, and when I woke up this morning and sat on my tender ass, it made me smile. Thank you Sir- sincerely. You do put on one hell of a show! I only hope I pleased you and that you are not too disappointed in me.

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