The Perfect View


"A long, curvy, hilly drive on a sunny autumn day. Mountains & shoreline everywhere. Forests changing. Jamming Rush. Solitude. Weed. Perfect." Sir had sent me to have some beautiful knives engraved for him. A rush order. I knew the perfect place, but I was told my wait would be up to four hours. I did not ...

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"Bind me well Sir. I don't need to fight. I need to surrender." Sir grinned evilly. A posture collar and clover clamp combination instantly eliminated any upper body movement. He buckled on a ball gag and blindfold, purring evil things into my ear with that sexy voice. Eventually my screams quieted to whimpers, and he continued. The spreader bar locked my lower body into ...

Boot Slut

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I LOVE polishing boots. I love the feel of the leather, I love massaging the polish into it. My personal preference is Kiwi at body temperature. The leather loves it as well. So... I finally polished my new boots. Well. Then Sir pointed out that his 'everyday' pair was covered in paint. So I cleaned and ...

e[lust] #74

Ginger nic1

Photo courtesy of Switch Studies Welcome to Elust #74 - The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you're looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it'll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #75? Start with the rules, come ...

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I would do a #SinfulSunday post... But all I can think about right now is the conversation in the truck cab... And the possibilities... One of Sir's old loves, my doppelganger I just met & fell in love with yesterday, is having the same problem at the moment. I'm supposed to stop her... But I'm the one driving ...

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May I please cry some more Sir?

May I please cry some more Sir

And screaming. I think we both need lots of screaming... See who else is being sinful with me this week.

Leaden Heart

leaden heart vintage paper

This article touched me deeply when I stumbled across it the other day. It came up while I was searching the phrase 'a token of my love'. It begins like this: As a token of my Love.. Today this is still such a powerfully romantic phrase! And it is only today I have learned where this phrase has ...

Hempfest Slutquest


Some glimpses of my annual Hempfest Slutquest weekend: 'Yay! Today is Semi-Public Facefucking Day, or so I've been told...' 'Headed to Seattle Hempfest. If any of you are there today, let me know. We can fuck. Or something.' '"How many times do I have to tell you NOT to make me start laughing when your cock is all the way down ...

One Year to Love


I am leaving @Domworks. Nonconsensually. It is unavoidable. And I fucking HATE it! Next summer, I will be whisked away to paradise and treated like a princess against my will. I left that coast on purpose a long time ago and moved across the country to get here. I am happier right now that I ever ...



I had made a promise to take two teenage girls to a hot, loud, crowded outdoor concert festival, Warped Tour, almost a year ago. I was not looking forward to it, but I couldn't get out of it. I had worked all night, and figured I would be exhausted. But they would have fun. I would just ...

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