Tour Bus


Did you ever wonder what goes on inside those tour buses at rock concerts? I used to. See who else is being sinful with me this week.

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Say Ah

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See who else is being sinful with me this week.



Time for me to lay down and nap After a night of cleaning crap. I glance up from my cozy bed, Smiling, dreaming of screaming "Red!" Amen.   See who else is being sinful with me this week.



I was enjoying a beautiful afternoon, and trying to behave by shading myself, no matter how wonderful the sun feels. "Come here," Sir said. "Let me hurt you again." He had been hurting me quite a bit already. "I'll just stay here, curled safe in my nettles Sir..." I have no idea why I suddenly decided to ...

Watersports (reposted)

For Molly... I have not written about watersports before on my blog. I have only ever talked about it with two people. For me, it is really crossing the line between fun, kinky sex and the darker, sicker realms I still fear to tread. Some parts of my mind scare me, and I am not sure ...

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Everyone at home is fine right now. Sir came back and promptly rebooted my brain. I don't have any STDs. I cried. I laughed. I am breathing. It has still been one HELL of a week though... Possibly two pedophiles, working together. One pathetic, intentionally timed #MyLastDom attack. Skin cancer. ... Focus. Breathe. Hold steady. Wait. These things take time. Burn little ants... BURN!!! See who else is ...

On Stage Again


I spend a lot of time backstage. This photo is from one of those times on a date. It's where all the fun really is. I can watch life's dramas, emotional exhibitions, and audience reactions safely from my spot without personal risk. It's not me on stage, after all. And when the show is finally ...



I knew it wasn't a real word. I was wrong. dev·il·dom \ˈdevəldəm\ noun -s :the realm, rule, or power of the devil :diabolic influence or condition Touché Sir. I miss being tucked in by you. Hurry home, and I love you. See who else is being sinful with me this week.

Dirty Sluts and Hoes


"Dig here," Sir said. "Make a garden for Mrs D." Then he left town for a three week trip. Time was an definitely issue. Her seedlings were sprouting already. The weather forecast was iffy. I work two other jobs as well on the days I stay with Sir. And it was already Thursday. Mrs D does her ...

Welcome Aboard


Kneeling at Sir's feet by the fire after work, I received an early morning message on my phone. It was from a girl Sir and I used to play with before she moved. J: Hey baby, how are you? Ask your Sir to show you what I had done yesterday! Sir showed me a photo of her ...