These lyrics by Neil Peart were written 36 years ago. They might be even more relevant today than they were then. (Click to play the song if you'd like.)   "Freewill" There are those who think that life has nothing left to chance A host of holy horrors to direct our aimless dance A planet of play things We dance on ...

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Puppy Pads and Potty Play


"It is only polite when attending a play party for the first time in a new area to leave completely covered in the Hostess's cum. ;)" After a week full of real life ups and downs, I was worn out. Grumpy at everyone and everything, I was hating my life. This photo shows a much better ...

Corset Training


October is the month I start spoiling myself in honor of my birthday. If you read past years on my blog, you will see some examples. This year is a big one though. At midnight on Halloween I turn 50. So what is a poor slut in a new town with no friends to do? Well, ...

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Reposted from Birthday Gangbang: Round One in honor of Molly choosing one of my photos to be the Bukkake Header Image on Kink of the Week. This is my very first experience with bukkake: Continued. Read the beginning  here. So where was I at? Oh yes. The men got up and walked toward me, slowly. My ...

Hello Nurse


I really haven't been living up to my slutty potential. I have put in some minor effort. I have three men already lined up and raring to go... But something is holding me back. There are massive schedule conflicts. I never actually know in the morning where I am supposed to be, let alone for how ...

Scat in the Hat


In my line of work, nonconsensual scat play happens. Shit doesn't really bother me. At all. Well, not too much. What I am not used to is seeing scat everywhere since I moved. Around here there are monuments to scat. Signs everywhere threaten to 'take you there'. There is even a scat express. These things make me giggle immaturely. Every. ...

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A Slut’s Perspective on Video Games

He's playing with his joystick. I'm playing with mine. He dies many happy deaths.   See who else is being sinful with me this week.

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The Army-Navy Game


We agreed to meet briefly in a public place, but it was very crowded inside. As I waited, I wondered how we would speak freely. He texted when he arrived. I decided to go out to his truck instead. I climbed in, closed the door, and turned to him. "Nice gun." I was not making a slutty innuendo. ...

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And I shall call you Brownie…

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This month's Sinful Sunday prompt is the letter B. I didn't even give it a thought. I rarely play along. One bratty B kept 'pestering' me all week though, persistently keeping me grinning throughout the days. And squirming quite a bit. No matter how much I tried to ignore him. Perhaps one of these days we'll meet.   See who ...

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Synonyms for Showered: flooded (verb) deluged, doused, drenched, drowned, engulfed, flooded, imbued, immersed, inundated, rinsed, saturated, sloshed, sluiced, soaked, submerged, swamped. gave (verb) allotted, allowed, ascribed, assigned, assisted, attributed, awarded, bequeathed, bestowed, consigned, contributed, delivered, devoted, disbursed, dispensed, doled, donated, endowed, expended, extended, funded, furnished, gave, given, granted, helped, imparted, lavished, lent, offered, paid, pledged, presented, provided, rationed, ...