In the Dirtiest of Spaces


In the dirtiest of spaces, In the dirtiest of ways, Enthusiastically serving on my knees, Proudly showing all I'm a good girl. See who else is being sinful with me this week.



Always use protection from disease. At work, I use gloves to protect myself. At play, I insist on condoms for the same reason. When it comes to psychopaths though... The best protection is paperwork. In at 9 am, out by 11:30. It was easy and SO worth it. Now my "No contact, or I will press charges" statement has some ...

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#MyLastDom the Psychopath


This is what one dangerous psychopath and abuser looks like. He was my last Dom. Take a good look. He has become even crazier since my last girlfriend has kicked him out and gotten a protection order against him. Now he has decided to not just attack me online, but is threatening my privacy, family, and ...

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Art (Revisited)


"The great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain." ~Lord Byron The chair was set upon a large table. A throne of sort. Sir put me on display on the stage he'd set. Leaning back pulled my wrists and leaning forward made my clover clamped nipples scream. Tilting my head forward ...



Sir can effortlessly make me drop. Anytime, anywhere. Usually my mind has flown before I hit the ground. He enjoys it so much more than simply ordering me to kneel. He can also cause another drop, again without effort. He doesn't even have to touch me. His weapon is my own mind. Click through for that view. See who ...

Still Onstage


Yes, I am still onstage. Little did I know random subplots like Delta and the VA would be added to the script. Those Giants have been slain this week. Now there's only one Dragon left to slay. The Pedophile is still free. So I am still trapped up here onstage, performing. How am I doing so far? At ...

Tilting At Windmills


This has been a week of battles. I would have MUCH rather had kinky sex all week with lots of photos. It would have been much more fun than the full-blown PTSD-Triggered/Pissed-Off-Mama/Nearly-Homicidal-Maniac time I had. People keep disrupting my quixotic vision of a world where everyone just does the right thing. Truly sinful... But I was Right. Every. Fucking. ...

Delta Airlines Held My Child Hostage at SeaTac International Airport. TWICE!


My letter to Delta Airlines: Delta Airlines Held My Child Hostage At SeaTac International Airport TWICE

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Last night was a rare Friday that I was both off work and staying with Sir. It was First Friday, the local Art Walk night, and very warm. The town was busy, and there were people everywhere. I was enjoying the local art, music, and beer along with and Sir, Mrs D, and their friends. When ...



When I got my boots I said that they looked "too new". I also said that Sir would remedy that soon enough. He definitely did just that. Now they are scarred, scuffed, and beaten. They are more comfortable than ever. I think that they look much more beautiful this way, and will only become more so ...